Clinton Calls for Longer School Days & Longer School Years for Disadvantaged Students

CNN Friday,February 26,2016

Last night at CNN’s Democratic Town Hall in South Carolina, Hillary Clinton discussed her intentions to lengthen both the school day and year in communities with.....

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Time for Equity Webinar #4: Collaborating for Equity: A Conversation with Funders about Los Angeles

AISR Wednesday,January 7,2015

The fourth T4E webinar featured an exciting conversation with Sanjiv Rao, Program Officer at the Ford Foundation, and Peter Rivera, Senior Program Officer at the California Community Foundation, about the role that philanthropy plays in collaborating for educational equity in the rich Los Angeles.....

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Schools of Opportunity

AISR Wednesday,December 2,2015

The National Education Policy Center seeks to identify and recognize excellent public high schools that actively strive to close opportunity gaps by engaging in practices that build on students’ strengths, thereby creating engaging and supported learning opportunities for all their students......

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Time for Equity Webinar #3: The Center for Educational Policy’s Report on Expanded Learning Time

AISR Monday,June 8,2015

During the T4E third webinar, CEP's Jennifer McMurrer and Matthew Frizzell presented their report on the strategies being used by case study sites to meet the federal requirements and encouragements for expanded learning time, and the challenges, successes, and impacts associated with this.....

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Participate in the Community Schools Directory!

Annenberg Institute for School Reform Thursday,March 12,2015

We are excited to announce the launch of the new Community Schools Directory from our partner, the Coalition for Community Schools! Over the last few years there has been a significant increase in interest and implementation of.....

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Are We Closing the School Discipline Gap?

Daniel Losen, Cheri Hodson, Michael A. Keith II, Katrina Morrison, and Shakti Belway Monday,February 23,2015

This report from The Center for Civil Rights.....

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How Our Schools Are Holding Black Girls Back

Lori Bezahler, Cassie Schwerner, and Kavitha Mediratta Monday,February 9,2015

This Time Ideas piece by Lori Bezahler, President of the Edward W. Hazen Foundation, Cassie Schwerner, Senior Vice President of Programs at the Schott Foundation for Public Education, and Kavitha Mediratta, Head of Racial Equity Programs at The Atlantic Philanthropies, highlights a recent report.....

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We have added 8 new resources to the Time For Equity web tool

AISR Thursday,February 19,2015

We have added 8 new resources to the Time For Equity web tool. National Equity Atlas It's About Time: Lessons from Expanded Learning Time in.....

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The Atlantic features AISR’s journal, Voices in Urban Education (VUE), “Time for Equity: Expanding Access to Learning” Issue #40

The Atlantic Friday,January 30,2015

The Atlantic -  Friday, January 30, 2015   “The Activity Gap: Access to after-school programs is growing more unequal, and that's pushing disadvantaged kids further behind.”   Students “were interviewed as part of a national study recently featured in Voices in Urban.....

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Time and Equity Webinar #2. It’s Time for Equity

Annenberg Institute for School Reform Friday,January 23,2015

Leveraging time is one constant resource toward achieving educational equity and excellence for all students. AISR's Time for Equity tool provides a comprehensive collection of indicators that informs the discussion on how to measure student, school, and systemic success of expanded and reimagined.....

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“Time for Equity: Expanding Access to Learning”: Issue #40 of AISR’s journal Voices in Urban Education (VUE) dedicated to Time for Equity project

Annenberg Institute for School Reform Thursday,January 22,2015

In the new issue of AISR's award-winning journal VUE, a cross-sector collection of authors, including researchers, funders, reform support organizations, and community and youth organizers from around the country share how they systemically increase education opportunities and equity by expanded.....

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Time and Equity Webinar #1. It’s About Time: Learning Time and Educational Opportunity in California High Schools

UCLA IDEA Friday,October 10,2014

Learning time is an essential resource in schools, but findings from the Keeping Time project show that community stressors and chronic problems with school conditions cause far more lost instructional time in high-poverty high schools than in other high schools in California. Date: November.....

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Extended Learning Day in Denver Public Schools

Rose Community Foundation Saturday,November 1,2014

This video from the Rose Community Foundation highlights how extending the time of the learning day means expanding opportunities for DPS students. Watch as three DPS schools (Johnson Elementary, McGlone Elementary, and Grant-Beacon Middle School) share how they have used the extended time to.....

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Understanding Student Agency and Strong and Sustainable Education Ecosystems: A Discussion with AISR Principal Associate Jaime Del Razo

Annenberg Institute for School Reform Saturday,November 1,2014

AISR Principal Associate Jaime Del Razo discusses the Student Agency and Strong & Sustainable More and Better Learning Time Ecosystem Indicators. .....

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The Opportunity Equation: How Citizen Teachers Are Combating the Achievement Gap in America’s Schools

Citizen Schools Saturday,November 1,2014

In this new book, founding CEO of Citizen Schools Eric Schwarz shares his vision for reducing inequality by pairing successful adults with low-income.....

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